Telenity Call Completion Suite

Personalized Call Completion Suite

Personalized call completion services are effective means of providing new revenue sources for operators. Telenity Personalized Call Completion Suite helps wireless operators increase their network usage and voice traffic, and stimulate new revenue generating calls that would not have been made otherwise.

Telenity Call Completion Suite provides personalized call completion services that are efficient and easy-to-use for subscribers. allowing them to manage incoming communications and ensure that they never miss any calls.

Built on open-standards, Telenity Call Completion Suite is a flexible and scalable service. It ensures service continuity while at the same time building up customer loyalty resulting in reduced churn. Telenity Call Completion Suite allows operators to maximize the use of their existing network resources and services and never miss an opportunity to create a billable voice traffic. With increased call completion rates, revenues from existing subscriber base are also increased.

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