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We believe in power of our people at Telenity.


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You will meet a team value your skills and experience. We offer a competitive salary base and comprehensive fringe benefits, in compliance with the local legislation and preferences of the countries where it operates.

We have a holistic approach to performance management in a digital platform communication, feedback, learning and performance management.

Integrated and Continuous Learning at Telenity

We see our team members as our most valuable assets and support at every step in their personal and technical development.

We provide and guide all our employees with the most advanced learning content, anytime and anywhere. All of our Telenity members have direct access to global learning opportunities.

First Day at Telenity

You will find a friendly and helpful environment from the start. We have a very well-defined orientation process to make you comfortable.

Online open and transparent HR tools will be available on your first day.

Open a New Page in Your Career

Do you want to open a new page in your career?

We are passionate about meeting and developing top talent. Great job openings, friendly and productive environment is awaiting you. You can apply for a job from our job postings or just send your CV stating which areas you are interested in.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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