Revenue Growth

Opt-in for new revenue streams and higher margins by enrich the mobile experience of your subscribers with digital services

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Getting back in the game

5G and digitalization has reshaped the telecom landscape once again. Operators now have a great chance to get their rightful share within the services value chain.

Redefining standards

We help operators keep the ownership of their customers, orchestrate the overall cycle, and in return, control the revenue streams, increase the margins for existing services, and create new revenue streams.


Control over your network

Control your cost and increase your agility by moving to the Telco Cloud.


Continuous Innovation

Deliver on-demand, customizable services with a unified telco cloud—from the core and RAN, to the edge and cloud.

SaaS Model

Utilise all Telenity services on SaaS Model and align all your investments based on transactions used.

Focus on your core business

Focus to your customers, focus to your business. Ignore the hassle of infrastructure.

Efficient integration

Designed as Microservices, over K8s and already verified over multiple Telco Cloud environment, we efficiently build cloud-based environments, helping carriers achieve smooth evolution to 5G networks.

Monetize now

Deliver new services and create new revenue streams, without heavy infra investments.

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