Grow Professionally

We are looking for highly motivated, talented individuals to join us in realizing our vision for
Next Generation Services Now.

Telenity is one of the leading global providers of a complete portfolio of service-driven solutions for mobile and next generation networks. We are a recognized expert in value-added services differentiation by a global customer base, which includes wireless network operators, content providers, service application developers and global channel partners.

We aim to introduce Telenity to the world as a company that is easy and enjoyable to do business, fulfills its promises on time, continuously performs above customerexpectations, is a technology leader in the development of high quality, flexible, cost-effective products, profitable, and treats its employees fairly and equitably.

Our Culture

In accordance with our company culture and human resources policies we believe in the power of human being who believes in continuous development, team spirit, agility and integration of different cultures. We are aware of the value of development of our employees and support each in their career paths with soft skill, technical and internal trainings.

Telenity Equal Employee Opportunities Policy, ensures all activities for the employees are based on valid demands and are conducted regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, country of origin, disability, seniority. With Positive Discrimination Policy for Women Employees, Telenity is  committed to making positive discrimination for female candidates, especially in recruitment, among candidates with the same technical and personal characteristics.

Telenity’s turn over rate is less than 10% and there are lots of ex-Telenity emloyees who work as top managers in the sector leading companies.

Performance Management

We have a holistic approach in performance management in a digital platform communication, feedback, learning and performance compose performance management.
Career paths for technical and business verticals are defined and we first make head count search internally for open positions.

Social Activities

Every month, last Friday we crowd all our offices with “Time-out” event. We spend two hours full of conversation and pleasure with different concepts, also in every quarter we have appreciate our employees of that period with a certificate and an award.

At the end of each year; we are meeting with all the Telenity employees at the “New Year Organization”, where we entertain and also give 5-10 and 15th Year plaques.

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for highly motivated, talented individuals to join us in realizing our vision for Next Generation Services Now.

Telenity offers comprehensive benefits packages and competitive salaries to its employees. If you want to work in an environment where you can realize your potential, grow professionally and be part of an innovative team, contact us now!