Smartfren Case Study Overview


In 2015, Smartfren, one of the leading telecommunications service providers in Indonesia, launched the first commercial 4G LTE Advanced service in the country. In early 2016, it established another milestone as the first telecommunications company in Indonesia to provide Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services commercially. In 2017, Smartfren strengthened its position as a leading telecommunication service provider by providing 4G-based telecommunication services, which made Smartfren the only operator that operates fully on a 4G network.

Smartfren’s existing VAS messaging platform, which was provisioned by 2 different vendors, was operationally complex, economically cost ineffective and had a complex architecture. All those left Smartfren in search of ways to bring operational efficiency and simplicity to their VAS messaging systems.



Replacing Smartfren’s multi-vendor, silo-based VAS messaging systems with a single vendor was a tough target. 

To achieve a successful replacement and smooth migration of all messaging services, Telenity and Smartfren technical teams worked closely to analyze the existing service flows and network architecture, which was provided by two different vendors. 

Smartfren network is composed of two virtual operators, namely Smart Telekom and Smartfren Telekom. 

“Telenity’s solution has been instrumental in significantly improving the efficiency of our VAS network management. Moreover, this investment in an NFV-ready, future-proof platform has also helped us improve our carbon footprint.”

Mr. Shurish Subbramaniam
CTO of SmartFren Indonesia


Smartfren’s multi-vendor, silo-based VAS messaging systems have been replaced with Telenity’s VCP (VAS Consolidation Platform) as a geo-redundant deployment on two sites. Telenity VCP platform is deployed at Smartfren virtual data center by leveraging Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Delivery of VCP at Smartfren was established in two phases. The total project delivery duration was eight months. In the first phase, Telenity’s VCP Consolidation Framework, SMSC, IP SM GW, SMS Anti-spam, SmartSMS Enhanced messaging and Bulk Messaging Suite were delivered. In the second phase, Roamers’ Welcome SMS and SMS Lawful Intercept services were delivered to Smartfren.

Scope is also included on-site managed support after project delivery.


  • The solution was successfully deployed in 2020. Telenity VCP platform operates to Smartfren’s subscriber base of 18 million, and successfully delivers around 80 million short messages per day. 
  • The stability and efficiency of the solution helped Smartfren to achieve 3X growth in traffic and subscribers.
  • The solution operates 100% uptime. Neither a single unplanned outage has occurred, nor a single KPI has been missed since day one 
  • It led to significant cost reduction in annual OPEX.
  • It reduced hardware footprint due to virtualization. 
  • It increased the efficiency of operations management, reduced operation team workload and resulted in less vendor contact.
  • It possesses a much more flexible and simpler architecture.
  • The NFV and 5G-ready future-proof VAS platform is ready for onboarding new technologies.


Telenity and Smartfren partnership marks an important milestone in the digital transformation for the region.  We applaud SmartFren Indonesia’s decision to upgrade their platforms for optimum operational efficiency, flexibility, agility, and total cost of ownership. We are humbled by Smartfren Indonesia’s trust in us and in our 5G-ready Telenity VAS consolidation platform and technologies.

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