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Ooredoo Qatar is the leading telecommunication operator in Qatar with over 3 million subscribers.
While launching cutting-edge services over their 4G+ network that push the industry limits in high-speed mobile data connectivity, they were in search for options to increase the operational efficiency of their mobile network infrastructure and legacy value added services (VAS).



The project presented a number of challenges. It is a complex process to migrate 12 VAS services provided by 4 vendors to a single vendor. Since these services already have many intricate service customizations, maintaining feature parity and service continuity was critical. To achieve a problem-free integration and a smooth migration of the services, the technical teams of Telenity and Ooredoo Qatar worked closely to analyze the existing services and the deployment environment. 
As is the case for the majority of service providers, for Ooredoo Qatar, the management of VAS and core messaging services from multi-vendors was complex and costly.

“Our goal was to improve the efficiency of our VAS operations by utilizing the latest technologies that enable the sharing of our technology assets. Telenity has provided us a platform that decreased the complexity of our daily operations around Value Added Services, which translated into a measurable reduction in our OPEX.”
Mohammed Abdulla H. B Al-Bader
Senior Manager VAS at Ooredoo Qatar


Delivery of VCP at Ooredoo involved two phases. The total

project delivery duration was fourteen months..


In 2014, as part of the migration of its 2G/3G core network to 4G,

Ooredoo Qatar initiated a project to consolidate its legacy VAS on a unified

platform running on private cloud. The project had the following goals;

  • Long term CAPEX savings
  • Reduced cost of new features and capacity expansions
  • 40% saving of operational costs
  • Lower support and maintenance fees
  • Simplified VAS network architecture
  • Reduced number of vendors
  • IMS/VoLTE integration of legacy VAS
  • Unified charging and provisioning interface
  • Reduced hardware footprint
  • Increased efficiency


All phases of the project were successfully deployed by the end of 2015.

  • The VCP platform is serving the entire Ooredoo Qatar customer base since the beginning of 2016.
  • Since then, Telenity VCP delivered more than 3 billion SMS messages, more than 1,3 billion Peer-to-Peer SMS messages and 40 million USSD transactions.


With the success of the Ooredoo Qatar VCP project, other mobile operators in the Ooredoo Group started a collective initiative for a similar transformation of their network.

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