Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform

Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform consolidates all the basic messaging and
voice services of the mobile VAS world on a single robust platform in the highest telco standards.

Telenity’s VAS Consolidation Platform (VCP) improves the operating performance of the legacy systems and paves the way for migration to all-IP core networks, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

NFV Enabled

Cloud deployment on virtual environment as VNFs.


Simple and single Integration for all applications

License Pool

Single license pool consumed by all applications

Faster time to market

Telenity VCP enables quick launch and cost-effective deployment. The platform reduces integration effort to a single point for multiple services.

Dynamic Scalability

Flexible capacity management at runtime, aligned with customer traffic. Makes use of the scalable and resilient NFV features. 

Smooth Daily Operations

Simplifies daily operations with unified GUI, management, alarm & reporting modules and a flexible license pool while decreasing the footprint with shared resources and optimized operations and maintenance.

Keep Your Budget Under Control

Manages multiple VAS services via a single platform and reduces both initial investment cost and operational expenses by flexible business models.

Your Trusted Solution Partner

– Honored as one of the best creative technologies by the Global Telecom Awards,

– Preferred by more than 40 operators worldwide,

– 20+ years of VAS experience

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