VAS Consolidation Platform

Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform (VCP) consolidates all the basic messaging and voice services of the mobile VAS world on a single robust platform in the highest telco standards.

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Improved operating performance

Telenity’s VAS Consolidation Platform improves the operating performance of the legacy systems and paves the way for migration to all-IP core networks, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

NFV Enabled

Cloud deployment on Virtual Environment as VNFs


Reducing network architecture complexity, simple and single integration for all applications

Licence Pool

Single license pool consumed by all applications, resulting in fewer capacity license requirements


Faster Time to Market

Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform enables quick and cost-effective deployment. The platform reduces the integration effort to a single point for various services.

Improved OPEX and CAPEX

Flexible capacity management on the run, aligned with customer traffic. Make use of the scalability and resiliency with NFV enabled solution.

On Demand
Scalability / De-scalability

Start using multiple VAS services via a single platform. Reduce OPEX by getting rid of a dedicated server for each application and using optimized virtual servers, lower maintenance needs.

Simplified Integration and Optimized Daily Operations

Simplify daily operations by Unified GUI, Management, Alarm & Reporting, and flexible license pool.

Case Studies

Discover Telenity customers about their journeys with us. 
Get ready to be inspired for how can you harness your true power of your network.

Ooredoo Qatar

All phases of the project were successfully deployed by the end of 2015. Telenity VCP delivered more than 3 billion SMS messages and 40 million USSD transactions.

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Vodafone Türkiye

The project was completed in six months and Vodafone Türkiye launched all the services as planned. The VCP-based call completion suite has been running in Vodafone network since May 2019.

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