SIM tracking in India

SIM Tracking Solutions, Map The unmapped.

SIM-based tracking solutions are excellent to track the location of your vehicles and employees using the cellular network. Track your resources and manage your supply chain anywhere with Telenity.

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Easy on pocket

Save money with our location-based services for business. Optimize your operational costs, grow with us.


More optimized trips with real-time location tracking without GPS trackers or smartphones using our SIM tracking solutions.


Increased shift adherence with customizable asset tracking solutions and API for business.


Reduction in fuel costs by mapping the actual travel time of assets using geofencing with our SIM tracking.  


SIM tracking API and location tracking platform

No CapEx

Track your resources without investing on devices, installation, or maintenance costs.

Tracking phone numbers of employees

Any Phone

SIM-based tracking without GPS location enables the tracking of your fleet on any smart or feature phone in India.

SIM tracking online service

Web-based Location Tracking Platform

Access the tracking data with paperless documentation and a simple web-based platform for resource tracking with our SIM tracking solutions.

SIM location tracking platform in India

Reverse logistics resolved

Resolve reverse logistics in operations. Our SIM tracking solutions in India minimize human intervention & communication costs of tracking vehicles and other resources.

SIM tracking with cellular network triangulation

Real-time Location Status

Check the status of trips assigned to drivers, transporter, or employees whether they are active, completed, or expired. Excellent tracking solution for on move assets.

API needed for SIM location tracking

Easy Location API Integration

Integrate with ERP hassle-free for trip automation. Customizable SIM tracking API suitable for your business.

Smart Probe - SIM Tracking API

Integrate your platform with our SIM tracking API. Track numbers from all major telecom operators in India from a single solution.

Improve your resource management solution with customizable location-based APIs to grow your business. Ideal B2B tracking solution for service aggregation.

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API for SIM tracking platforms India
vehicle tracking with SIM for long distance transport

Smart Express - Fleet Management

Track all personal, market owned or third-party fleets with SIM-based tracking in India.

Ideal Business-to-business location tracking solution for intra- and inter-city deliveries and transportation.

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Smart Zone- Field Force Tracking

Track your mobile and location-bound staff with field force tracking.

Improve productivity, employee safety, attendance management and shift adherence to grow your business.

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Employee SIM tracking

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