track the location of your vehicles

Smart Express - Fleet Management & Tracking

Track the location of your vehicles from start to end by mapping the entire route on which the vehicle will be traveling.

Revolutionize your supply chain management with our SIM-based fleet tracking solutions

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Track your vehicle fleets at low cost without expensive devices, monthly commitments, and maintenance.

Increase your profits by analysing and scheduling fuel consumption to plan better routes.

Catch reverse logistics issues on market vehicles.

Scale up according to your business needs. 

track the location of your vehicles
track the location of your vehicles


Enhance your logistics visibility in real-time and predictive data for all your vehicles in one portal.

Access the web portal anywhere.

Monitor the live location of your vehicles and predict their estimated arrival times to improve scheduling and safety.

See real time stoppage and route deviations.


Improve vehicle utilization by delivering more tasks in less time.

Convert complex statistics data into actionable business decisions for delivery scheduling, dispatch management and optimum route planning.

Reduce fuel and reverse logistics costs.

track the location of your vehicles
track the location of your vehicles


Optimize your deliveries with internet-independent SIM tracking.

Grow your business with the best-in-class location tracking solutions.

Ensure cost reduction and timely deliveries with automated real time reports.

Also Available

Smart Daily

Fleet tracking APIs for daily billing

mobile truck tracking per trip

Smart Trip

Trip based Fleet location tracking using SIM.

Main Features

Real-time Tracking

Track your fleet or truck instantly anywhere

GPS Independent

Track market/hired vehicles and trucks without spending on GPS devices.

Route Optimization

Find the most cost-effective route for fastest delivery for better performance and cost reduction of market fleets

Thorough Reports

Improve the performance of truck drivers and transporters by transporter level management

Trip Scheduling

Display vehicle location, stoppage, route deviation, estimated arrival time and distance traveled

No Setup Cost

Instantly activate without initial investment

Remote Activation

Just enter the vehicle details and start SIM-based tracking remotely once you register

Pay As You Go

Pay only for the service days used. No monthly commitments. Customized packages available

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