Telenity Service Subscription Manager

Service Subscription Manager (SSM) is the Business Support System (BSS) of Telenity DSP. It handles all the internal and external subscription lifecycles of the services, bundles and content. It is a high-performance and high-capacity engine, capable of handling thousands of services for millions of customers in real time. It covers subscriber provisioning as well as service provisioning, both internal and external. SSM can handle all kinds of digitally created, digitally delivered and digitally consumed services and content. Combined with Telenity DSP’s flexible product catalogue, SSM is designed to fit into any business model that can be envisioned. SSM enables:

  • Subscription, unsubscription, renewal, trial and gifting of services, content and bundles
  • Bundle creation with OTT services, operator plans and data packages
  • Hard bundling, soft bundling and eligibility support
  • Provisioning of and communicating with OTT services and operator systems
  • Grace periods, retries, partial payments and nano-credit support
  • Payment with prepaid, postpaid accounts, loyalty points, vouchers and with credit cards.
  • A rich set of APIs that can be invoked by OTTs, mobile apps, portals, or any other system that needs to access service subscription lifecycle features

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