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Extend your workforce

Finding the engineering resources for operations and support is not easy

L1 and L2 Operations Teams

Application, infrastructure and service monitoring, incident management, Change Management activities, meeting the SLA/KPI levels

L3 DevOps Teams

Increases the quality and efficiency of the operations by automating and enhancing the daily activity tasks and utilizing DevOps tools.

Enjoy your operations run smootly


Easy to work

Telenity NOC team acts first point of contact to the clients for their issues. Main responsibilities of NOC team are divided into event monitoring, incident follow-up, help desk, reporting and quality assurance watch-out.

Smoother Operations

Telenity NOC service brings in smoother operations on their clients for their Telenity applications, increases interoperability between Telenity teams, decreases time to act on incidents and total duration of incidents till resolution.

Avoided downtime

We decrease unexpected downtime occurrence drastically with our new service and provide our customers with a measurable service.

Preventive Monitoring

We target to preventively avoid any downtime in Telenity products by continuously monitoring. Intelligent automation predicts events before they happen and take preventative or corrective action to ensure incidents do not occur.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance reports are regularly analysed by NOC team for the traffic and fault volumes.

ITIL Best Practises

Managed Services teams perform the FCAPS operations based on ITIL best practices either on customer premises or remotely.

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