Managed Services

Top notch managed service operations in various telecom operators around the globe

Telenity is providing top notch managed service operations in various telecom operators around the globe, addressing their needs to seamlessly operate Telenity products in their network or over the cloud.

Most of our clients are in Middle East, APAC, and Africa regions where our MNS teams are serving telecommunication giants like Airtel, Mobily, Ooredoo, Azercell, Lifecell, Glo, and others.

We are proud to deliver our clients with high quality operations by our qualified employees, meeting their challenging requirements while providing continuous NOC monitoring services, L2 operations and DevOps services. We are in service of our clients 7/24 or 5/8 based on their preference with our international MNS team members.

Another essential point of our services, MNS teams are following ITIL best practices adaptable to client organisation’s demands. Our services could be obtained either directly in the customer premises or as remote team of engineers working from different Telenity locations. 

L1 Operation Teams (NOC & Service Desk)

  • 7/24/365 Application, infrastructure, and service monitoring.
  • Incident logging, categorization, and follow-up incident resolution.
  • Request Fulfilment: Addresses service desk requests and provide regular reports.

L2 Operation Teams

  • Access Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Event Management
  • Request Fulfilment
  • Problem Management
  • Capacity Management

L3 Devops Teams

  • Operational automation: Automating regular tasks to handle day to day manual activities
  • Monitoring tools: Enhancing service monitoring by defining new KPIs and triggers.
  • Devops tools: Increases efficiency and productivity of operations by utilising Devops tools
  • API development: Creates or customises API Manager flows according to business needs.

Flawless Operations Provided

Telenity MNS teams target products under their responsibilities to meet telco grade KPI/SLA levels, ensure customer satisfaction and bring in a measurable operational experience supplemented with presentable reports and analysis. Every KPIs and metrics are selected as per client organisation’s requirements and closely monitored to maintain flawless operations.

All our MNS services are designed with automation in mind, ensuring our teams to provide higher value services by eliminating repetitive tasks. Our teams utilise several industry gold standard tools to achieve and present their measurables objectives.

Our MNS services clients are also enjoying a seamless coworking experience with other Telenity functions and we are pleased to be ambassador of them in Telenity.

We would be glad to meet you and assist your operational tasks in the coming future.

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