From Traditional to Digital Business Support Systems

We help operators monetize their services with options such as flexible bundling, flexible charging and reduced time-to-market.

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New Business Opportunities

In the new digital era, telecom operators struggle monetizing traditional telecom, while new business opportunities wait to be capitalized on. 

Telenity BSS solutions drive telecom operators to capture these new revenue streams by leveraging existing deployments and add-ons.

Speeding up Digital Transformation

We empower ongoing business systems that prove inadequate to support the ongoing digital transformation with its demanding needs such as enhanced customer experience and reduced time-to-market.

Business Support System Benefits

New Revenue Streams

Monetize your assets via digital services with flexible, business-focused charging and billing solutions.


Easily bundle digital goods from third parties with your own services by using Product Catalog and Campaign Management modules.

Faster Time to Market

Telenity’s solutions provide you the agility demanded by today’s digital environment and end customers.

Customer Experience

Provide an omnichannel customer experience with seamless convergence between traditional and digital interactions. Push targeted content to your customer base with our convenient Analytics Tool.

Partner Echosystem

Enjoy the quality content and services provided by our partners, already onboarded and ready to be utilized via our Partner Management module.

Dive into the Digital World

Telenity’s BSS platforms provide the ultimate operations and management medium for digital services. It covers all facets of the digital services domain.

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