Telenity Digital Services Platform

Get Back in the Game with Telenity Digital Services Platform

In the last decade, digitization has reshaped the telecom landscape. OTT players began dominating the digital services market with their newfound powers through smartphones and mobile technologies. The operator’s role, which once included service management, subscriber management, service delivery, service bundling, pricing, and charging, has been reduced to mere data carrying.

In this new landscape, it is easy to overlook the unique assets of the operators:

  • Heaps of data about subscribers,
  • Ability to use the services delivered over their network,
  • Capacity to charge and invoice subscribers, and most importantly,
  • The trust of subscribers.

Success in today’s mobile ecosystem requires mastering and monetizing these invaluable assets. Telenity built the Digital Services Platform for utilizing these unique assets of the operator. The Digital Services Platform is an innovative, all-around solution package to enable the carrier to claim its rightful share of the digital services market by leveraging its network, data, license and trustworthiness.

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Mastering the Digital

Telenity Digital Services Platform (DSP) is our next-generation digital services platform to monetize the digital services and content served on top of the operator’s network.

Right Technology. Right People.

Telenity DSP is more than a bare technology platform. We also bring you our contracted aggregators and content providers! With the DSP, your subscribers will always have a myriad of great content.

Flexible Bundling Options

The Product Catalog and Campaign Management modules let you easily bundle the digital goods from third parties with your own. Hard Bundles and Soft Bundles are easily created, and DSP manages all the service and content provisioning, subscriptions, and notifications. You can then promote these offers with the integrated utilities for push notification, SMS notification and in-store promotion. The content providers enjoy the benefits of being marketed under the brand name of local mobile operators.

Precision Marketing

Subscribers strive to discover worthy content out of the zillions produced. The Analytics Module mines subscribers’ data, makes automatic inferences based on subscribers’ past activities and offers intelligent, targeted content, which increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Service onboarding is a time taking process which depends, among other things, on the number of integration points and the compatibility of the components involved. Telenity DSP enables quick onboarding with a single integration point. It decreases service deployment time from months to minutes.

An Operator Branded Shopping App

Apps are the way to go for selling digital content. Mobile users spend 86% of their time within apps versus mobile web sites. Apps provide a quicker checkout flow and a more immersive user experience. The Digital Services Platform’s Storefront module facilities the creation and maintenance of an operator branded shopping app, resulting in a tenfold digital services revenue increase on average.

Simple Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a time- and resource-consuming task that may lead to disagreements between the digital merchants and the operators. Telenity Digital Services Platform offloads this burden from both parties by managing the critical aspects of the billing process. Its Reconciliation Module lets you generate detailed billing reports with a single click.

Micro Finance, Macro Benefits

What is the number one reason that prevents users from subscribing to services? It is the lack of credit. As the operator, you know the user will top up eventually, but the selling opportunity is gone. Telenity Digital Services Platform prevents such revenue losses with its innovative micro-crediting solution: The Analytics Module evaluates the past payment activities of the subscriber and assigns a credit rating. If found eligible, the system offers nano-credit. The amount is deducted from the their account when they later top up. This innovative system not only increases service subscription rates, but also reinforces the trust relationship between the operator and the subscriber.

Telenity DSP Solution Pillars

Telenity DSP is designed to address five major areas in the digital services world to solve the operator’s challenges and to leverage its advantages:


Telenity DSP provides a better customer experience with its built-in store front to explore, sell and promote digital services, content and bundles. Underlying content management system is the basis for the rich content portfolio. The content can be stored and served directly from Telenity DSP, or, the content metadata can be stored on the content management system for managing the content residing outside of DSP.

Consent Management keeps the customer consent and terms and conditions approvals, to unify the experience of the customer for the consent for operator and third-party services. The use of the customer data by the services is driven by the consent information defined in the consent management. Also, the consent information is kept historically to ensure to resolve future disagreements.


Telenity DSP provides analytics and reporting features to understand the customer behavior and increase the usage of the digital services and content. The analytics provides information about the customer credibility, service usage predictions, and favorable offers for the campaigns.

Marketing Boost

Telenity DSP leverages the information available from the analytics to define and execute campaigns and propose offers to increase digital service usage. With its business-oriented product catalog, it is possible to design offers to the customers to address new sale models.


Telenity DSP leverages the charging capability of the operator with its charging gateway, and enhances it flexible service subscription, partial payment (downsell). As an addition to these, to keep the customers within the service cycle, Telenity DSP Nano Credit calculates the risk for the customers and offers seamless nano crediting the customers for the digital service and content usage.

Management & Control

As a complete system, Telenity DSP provides the operator control on the digital services with easy administration and monitoring. Partner management module and finance utilizes the reconciliation to ensure the revenue generated by the platform is shared simply, properly, and rapidly. By this way, the platform addresses the fast-moving world of digital services.