Roamers Welcome Suite

Informative SMS to Inbound and Outbound roamer subscribers

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Increase Customer Usage

Welcome SMS for inbound roamers, and Bon Voyage SMS for outbound roamers. To increase customer usage while roaming, and fulfill the regulatory requirements for roaming subscribers.

Main Features

Welcome SMS / Bon Voyage SMS

Once an inbound roamer is identified, Welcome SMS messages are sent to the roaming international mobile customers in the service provider’s network. Subscribers are sent Bon Voyage messages when they roam outside the geographical coverage area of their own network and enter a guest network. They are sent Welcome messages when they roam out from other networks and enter the operator's own network.

Marketing SMS / Win-back SMS

Welcome SMS and Bon Voyage SMS are mandated by regulations in many countries. While complying with regulations, Telenity Roamer’s Welcome Suite can also be used for boosting marketing campaigns for inbound and outbound roamers as well.


Flexible messaging templates are available for operators

Messages can be customized according to the country or the foreign operator and by various parameters such as notification times, payment types, and language.

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