Telenity Bulk Messaging Suite

With the increasing popularity of digital mobile services and the new trend in OTT messaging applications, the legacy messaging market was expected to shrink. However, contrary to this projection, the global legacy messaging market has been affected positively, especially in the high-volume A2P messaging applications. While businesses embrace and utilize the new technologies for integrating mobile into their digital services, SMS and MMS are still their primary choice for 1-to-many business messaging for effectively reaching out to their customers on the move.

The ubiquitous nature of mobile communication technologies brings new and unprecedented opportunities to the advertisement market as well. Mobile advertisement is the vehicle that gives brand owners and advertisers the opportunity to tell their story to consumers in unique ways. Mobile advertisement becomes quite appealing and is generally accepted by consumers when the following criteria are met:

  • The message is personal – it relates to the consumer’s lifestyle
  • It is relevant – Analytics and knowledge collected about the mobile consumer are used to tailor and target messages to a subset of the total addressable market
  • The timing is good – Messages are transmitted when a consumer is actively seeking information, promotions, or related content.

Telenity BMS empowers Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to address advertisement related opportunities by facilitating brands to reach out the subscribers in an effective and targeted fashion. It boosts the market reach for brands and operators.

Telenity BMS provides an environment that enables effective communication channels between the advertisement owners/brands and mobile subscribers. The platform provides unique benefits to advertisement owners, agencies, service providers, operators and end-users. The major capabilities are segmentation for targeting the best-fit segment, advanced campaign management, location based messaging, flexible management of SLAs, advanced throttling per application and per service and much more.

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