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Operator Based Billing Solutions for Digital Services

Direct carrier billing, also known as direct operator billing, is a mobile payment method that is an alternative to paying by a credit or debit card. Direct carrier billing is an attractive method of payment in many situations, because it can be targeted towards any user that has an active mobile subscription.

The biggest question app developers are facing today is how to get paid for their apps and content. They face two challenges in particular: (1) how to make purchasing on mobile easy enough so that people will decide to buy their app and in-app content, and (2) how to enable people to make payments in markets where not everyone has a credit card.

The answer is direct carrier billing. Telenity Direct Carrier Billing solution allows people to buy digital content by adding the cost of a purchase directly to their mobile bill.


  • Charge subscribers directly without the hassle of entering credit card information, additional credential checks and authentication while making purchases from global app store partners
  • Prevent fraudulent purchasing and charging activities
  • Centrally manage billing and charging capabilities, business models and third party relationships with global app store partners
  • Control over mobile application purchases with direct and easy charging to subscriber accounts
  • Collaboration with global over-the-top players from a centralized location for all operator companies
  • Enhanced fraud detection and prevention capabilities with purchase and charge quotas to protect both the subscribers and the global app stores
  • Ability to faster push business and service strategies to all operator companies from a central location
  • Business and cost efficiency resulting from centralized operations

Managed Services with flexible Business Model

You can enjoy the benefits of Telenity DCB as a Managed Services as well. Our Enkudo solution bundles the feature rich DSP platform with a diverse portfolio of digital services. We cover the deployment, integration, and operations aspects on a revenue sharing model. No upfront investment for the operator and upside revenue potential for the content providers make it a win-win alternative for all stakeholders.

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