Telenity IPSM Gateway

IP Short Message Service Center

Telenity IP Short Message Gateway (IP SM GW) is a member of the Telenity VAS Consolidation Platform. It provides text messaging interworking between SMSC and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). The gateway provides functionality to exchange SMS messages with IMS capable equipment. Telenity IP SM GW allows service providers to cater SMS delivery services efficiently over the next generation IP networks, which are fully integrated with the traditional legacy networks (2G/3G).

In a nutshell, Telenity IP Short Message Gateway (IPSMGW):

  • provides interworking between the LTE/IMS and the GSM/UMTS/CDMA communication spheres
  • acts as an application server in the IMS domain.
  • communicates with HSS/HLR for subscriber information retrieval
  • supports selection of delivery network based on either local configuration information or mobile user provisioning information

Telenity IP Short Message Gateway is a fully virtualized, NFV-ready next generation messaging service center. It supports multiple network types, various messaging methods, and the interworking between them.

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