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Vodafone Group is a leader in communications technology through mobile, fixed, broadband and TV. It has mobile operations in 24 countries including Türkiye. It partners with mobile networks in 43 more, and provides fixed broadband in 19 markets.

As of June 2021, Vodafone Türkiye has more than 24 million mobile customers and 1.2 million fixed broadband customers.

In 2018, Vodafone Türkiye chose Telenity VCP in order to consolidate their call related applications and build a consolidated call completion suite (CMS).

Telenity delivered VCP-based Consolidated Call Completion Suite to Vodafone with Voice Mail, Mobile Collect Call, Missed Call Notification, Notification of Reachability and a number of sub services.



This project was one of the largest VCP deployments with a 24 million subscriber base and delivery to two geographically disparate locations.

One big challenge was the integration of VCP with a third party service subscription/bus system. The integration required novel interface implementations, customization and testing.

The capacity requirements were also quite high as 4,500 SIP ports were required on each site.

Migration was another challenge, as the subscription data from old systems needed to be migrated to the new platform with zero service interruptions.

"Vodafone project presented us with a unique opportunity and challenge where the objective was to transform their legacy solutions in the Value-Added Services and Messaging space. We applaud Vodafone’s bold decision to upgrade multiple platforms all at the same time to achieve increased operational efficiency, flexibility, agility, and reduced total cost of ownership. We are humbled by their trust in us and our future-proof VAS consolidation technologies."

Gürol Akman
CTO of Telenity



  • All the expected functionalities and integration points were clearly identified during the design phase together with the Vodafone Türkiye Architecture team. 
  • Design was revisited time and again during the implementation phase in line with the agile methodology

Site by Site Delivery

  • Delivery started on a single site and all integrations/testing were completed on the main production site.
  • When the production site was successfully established, the second site deployment was conducted within a considerably shorter time frame.


  • Existing data were extracted from the previous system and were uploaded onto the new consolidation platform.

Launch of all services

  • Since all the call completion applications are integrated and run as a unit, all applications were launched simultaneously.


The project was completed in six months and Vodafone Türkiye launched all the services as planned.

The VCP-based call completion suite has been running in Vodafone network since May 2019. 

After the launch of the platform, Vodafone Türkiye has requested many enhancements on the platform, which have enhanced the performance of the solution and increased the call completion rate.


With this project, Telenity became a supplier for Vodafone Türkiye and became a member of the Vodafone Group Supplier List. Our aim is to deliver all messaging and voice related applications to as much Vodafone affiliates as possible.

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