Waste Management Case Study


workforce management for waste collection


Workforce management is a crucial part of any business. This case study is an example of how SIM location tracking can be used in waste collection services.

Waste collection services are essential to modern living. The processes involved are time sensitive and require careful monitoring. A major garbage collection and processing service provider in South India reached out to Telenity. Our SIM-based tracking made their processes transparent by mapping workforce attendance and shift adherence.

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The client caters to the state government of Tamil Nadu. Being a state-wide government operation, the scale of the project was vast. With over 500 employees, workforce management was a challenge. Due to no way to track employees, the biggest challenges were

  • Attendance Reporting
  • Schedule adherence
  • Database management
  • Payout disbursal discrepancies

Many regions were left uncovered due to a shortage of time. GPS tracking was not an option as employees don't have smartphones.

workforce management for waste collection
workforce management for waste collection


Telenity offered the client a full-fledged employee tracking solution. Our SIM tracking solution is ideal for workforce management 

Our solution can map the entire travel journey of the employees, and record the actual arrival and leaving time. Employees' shift adherence and attendance can be tracked in real-time. 

Telenity offered the location data to ensure the resource is in the assigned area at the required time. Our geo-fencing feature uses SIM location so employee tracking can be automated. Businesses can set alerts to track arrivals and exits for employees on field.


With a customized dashboard, the client can now ensure the time-sensitive location of the employees in the designated areas. The feature doubles up as an attendance tool and a schedule manager giving the client liberty to assign the closest resource to the location.

It provided the client with an accurate workforce management tool with attendance, location and time proofs

workforce management for waste collection
workforce management for waste collection


Our custom solution for workforce tracking using SIM location features enabled the client to monitor and streamline their process. Attendance reports made payment collections and payout disbursals easier.

The map data assisted the scheduling managers to understand the delays and plan the manpower better. The overall attendance, scheduling, and shift adherence became efficient and cost-effective.

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