Corporate Social Responsibility

Positive contribution to our society.

We are Responsible to Environment

We are committed to

  • Reducing our pollution and waste,
  • Increasing use of renewable and sustainable resources, and
  • Offsetting our negative environmental impact such as planting trees or donating.

We are determined to run an environment-friendly business. Telenity products and solutions require less energy.

We are Responsible to Society

Giving back is one of our priorities to make the world and society a better place. We support causes, charities and NGOs who prioritize our society. We also support the individual contributions of our employees.

We work actively creating awareness about the potential of 5G, the importance of product development in the software business and the increasing export potential of software products.

We have Ethical Responsibility

We act and operate in a fair and ethical manner. We have an ethical responsibility to establish healthy long-term relationships with our employees, customers, solution partners and suppliers.

Telenity Ethical Responsibilities

We have Economic Responsibility

We take all financial decisions wisely to do more listed here. We do our best to create a positive impact on society, the environment, our employees, shareholders and customers.