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We are Telenity

We believe in the power of our team. We believe in continuous development, team spirit, agility, and integration of different cultures. We are aware of the value of the development of our team and support each in their career paths with soft skills, technical and internal training.

We encourage and support our people to create value and a better customer experience for our customers.


With Positive Discrimination Policy for Women, Telenity is committed to making positive discrimination for female candidates, especially in recruitment, among candidates with the same technical and personal characteristics.


Telenity respects diversity inclusively. We believe that the diversity of each of our family members enriches our culture. We care for each Telenity family member without using discriminating adjectives.

Our Equal Employee Opportunities Policy ensures all activities for the employees are based on valid demands and are conducted regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, country of origin, disability, seniority. 


Telenity values inclusively its people, their career aspirations and Telenity’s turnover rate is less than 10%. We touch Telenity members at every moment of their career journey.

Each of our valuable ex-Telenity members hold leading positions in IT sector and they continue to be our partners.