Farm and Poultry Case Study



The client is a medium business dealing in farming-related supplies including Poultry, Raw chicken supply, Animal food supply, Pet equipment supplies, and farm equipment, etc. They have a huge network of on-payroll and contractual workforce.

The client needed a workforce management solution to help resolve idling by the manpower. Telenity understood the challenges and designed a tracking solution to monitor employees on the field.


Animal products need cold storage and timely deliveries to avoid spoiling during transportation. As spoiled products result in the loss of sale income, rentals of hired machinery, and running costs. Any delay or manhandling of the chain would mean a monetary loss for the client.

Wastage of time by field employees in sales, delivery, and collections was becoming a major challenge for the client. 

farm and poultry tracking case study


Telenity designed a custom workflow process for the client and complimented it with our tracking services.

We ensured Geo-fencing with time stamps, and SMS alerts to the supervisors in case of any delays. In distant areas, internet connectivity is lost frequently. Our SIM tracking solution ensured uninterrupted communication and location access to the business.


In case of any carelessness or unforeseen circumstances, the managers can quickly intervene with the best available response.

They are able to provide alternative routes and arrange the hired resources at the click of a finger. Attendance management, manpower scheduling, and fuel reimbursements are automated now.


By increasing the visibility of the workforce, analyzing the most frequented and recurring issues became easier.

The client could optimize their spending and increase profit margins by tapping unexplored avenues. The client now has a workforce management tool that helps them in tracking the manpower to ease timely deliveries and streamline process workflow.

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