Smart Zone - Field Force Tracking

Improve productivity and grow your business with our Field-force tracking to track employees.

Track the location of your employees on a single dashboard in just 3 minutes using our SIM location tracking platform for workforce. Furthermore, no need for any mobile app, smartphone, or internet connection.

Available for all major mobile network operators in India on post-paid and prepaid plans.

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Benefits of Field Force Tracking

Find out the live locations of your mobile employees anytime, anywhere, even when you are offline. 

Geotag landmarks for automated enter/exit updates.

Manage hierarchy by creating groups with defined access.

Streamline your scheduling and attendance with history reports.

Attendance Management for Mobile Workforce

Record and monitor the location of your mobile employees for improving employee performance.

Monitor attendance without incurring any additional expenses on hardware using geofencing feature.

Get custom alerts when the employee reaches or leaves the assigned milestone on a scheduled map.

One-Click Solution

Track your mobile employees with our user-friendly out-of-the-box solution.

Register your business, add the SIM details, and start tracking your workforce.

API integration is also available with a plug-and-play upgrade to existing CRM & WFM software.

Streamline your service delivery

Track your delivery staff location and estimated arrival times.

Ensure timely on-site sales and service to enhance customer satisfaction.

Ensure your service deadlines are met every time.

Monitor actual distance travelled for travel reimbursements and avoid wasteful meetings.

Main features

Real-time Tracking

Locate your resources in real time

Route Visibility

Gain insights on the actual routes taken, area wise visits and traveling patterns of resources for better time management

Reports On A Click

Multi parameter reports for location, time spent, and distance traveled to understand working behavior of field force with a single click. All reports are stored for 90 days.

No Mobile Application

Track the workforce without smartphones or internet. No GPS or application needed for sim-based tracking

Customized Alerts

Set alerts for features such as geo fencing, stoppage, and attendance

Hierarchy Wise View

Maintain confidentiality between the cross-functional departments of the organization

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