SIM-Based Location Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is SIM based tracking?

Location tracking service in India using mobile SIMs. Now track your commercial fleets and workforce or any other resources without buying any expensive GPS device for location tracking.

How does SIM tracking work?

India has a strong mobile tower network throughout the country, Does not matter which network provider your are using these towers keep you connected to the network. Telenity offers a single platform where you can track your resources irrespective of your mobile network provider.

Can I track my assets without internet using Telenity tracking services?

Telenity location tracking services track your mobile network so you can track your fleet without internet.

Which phones are supported?

Telenity Sim tracking services support both feature phones with keypad and and smart phones.

Who can see my tracking data?

With Telenity your data is safe. We have organized hierarchy management available that you can set up with our support team. You can decide which department or employees can access which database.

What all can I track with Telenity location tracking service?

Track your on move employees and supply chain fleets using Telenity location tracking using mobile phone SIM.


Why Telenity SIM tracking services

What are the main features of Telenity's location tracking portal?

No setup cost, Trip scheduling, remote activation, hierarchy management and real time tracking are few of the features of Telenity SIM location tracking service in India.
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What is the benefit of using location based service?

Track your assets to Increase your profits by analyzing, auditing and scheduling fuel consumption to plan better routes. To know more click here.

Why should I choose Telenity location tracking services?

Telenity offers location tracking services at the competitive prices.
SIM based tracking solutions ensure you don't have to spend extra in terms of external hardware, expensive smartphones, paid apps or separate internet packs. We are a 20 year old company trusted by the market leaders worldwide. Choose Telenity for our reliability, instant support and customizable plans best for your business model.


What is consent?

Consent is the process of intimation to the assets and their agreement to the fact that their location is being tracked by their employer,

Why do I need to take consent to track my employees?

To avoid misuse of the technology, the employers can track their employees with their expressed consent as per Indian penal law.

What is the process of taking consent?

The admin will generate a request and a message or a call will be sent to the number to be tracked where the consent can be recorded.

How to give consent?

The end user can give the consent on either the message by typing Y to the consent message or over the call on the IVR by pressing the respective buttons.

How long is the consent valid for?

Consent validity to track your employees is a variable and decided at the time of agreement with the employer.
If no terms are defined, the consent is valid as per the operator guidelines.

User Interface

How long can I track my fleet in one trip?

The trip tracking duration is customizable; talk to your account manager to suit your business needs.

Where do I see the location of my truck?

Telenity's portal shows you the location of the vehicles on a map interface.

How do I know if my truck is not following the assigned route?

You can set up alerts or push notifications in case of deviations from the assigned path.

How do I see the reports?

With Telenity, You get admin control panels where you can see all your trip related data and reports for your vehicles and on ground manpower.

Can I see old trips' reports?

You can see the trip data for past 90 days before its permanently deleted.

How to set up permissions for the access of reports?

Telenity location tracking portal has great hierarchy management features.
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