Telenity VoiceMail

VoiceMail Application for improved customer loyalty

Telenity VoiceMail provides a state-of-the-art messaging platform that helps wireless, wireline and next generation network operators improve customer satisfaction and create additional revenue sources.

VoiceMail service provides the power to reach people at anywhere, at any time. This is based on a concept of “your time” communications, where subscribers can access their messages based on their needs.

Telenity VoiceMail is a carrier grade platform that provides message storage, retrieval and forwarding capabilities with high capacity, performance, reliability and near-linear scalability. It offers easy and friendly self-provisioning options for subscribers. It allows callers to leave voice messages to subscribers even if they are out of coverage, busy, or simply just not available. Telenity VoiceMail includes a rich feature set that encourages service penetration and ensures on-going subscriber satisfaction, thereby increasing carrier ARPU and reducing subscriber churn.

Main features

  • Defining different class of users with different sets of features
  • Providing message box for each subscribers stored for retrivial
  • Retrieval and mailbox management from multiple media sources, including visual voicemail handset client.
  • Visual interface to standard voicemail capabilities and provides Smartphone clients (IoS, Android)
  • Service flexibility and user-friendly interfaces
  • Flexible business models including CAPEX, monthly-installment CAPEX, Revenue Share, and Managed Services.


  • Canvas VCP

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