Eagle Mobile

Eagle Mobile is the third operator of the mobile telephony that entered into the Albanian telecommunication market in March 2008.

Since the signing of the Shares Purchase Agreement between the Albanian government and the Turkish Consortium composed of Calik Group and Turk Telekom, the Albanian consumers are benefiting highly qualitative reliable services, the latest technology and incredible service packages offered by Eagle Mobile. In a very short period of 6 months, Eagle Mobile made the fastest entrance to Albanian telecommunication market and covered the entire territory of the country by exceeding the limits of speed and predictions. As of year end in 2011, Eagle Mobile subscriber base exceeded 800,000.

The company had a big success in the market with ProRing, RiniRing and LIFE Packages. For the first time the postpaid and prepaid numbers have been combined in one solely group, and this constitutes a new practice in Albania.

Eagle Mobile brought for the first time for the Albanians the EDGE technology, the fastest service of the Internet in the mobile phone at 2.5G technology and now the company is ready for it, the most recent technology 3G, in attendance of the license.

Eagle Mobile has brought in Albania the most recent mobile technology and of course the most contemporary services in the country. Some of the latest services launched in Albania from this company include Mobile TV.

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