Telenity Integrates Best-of-Breed DMC/SIM Products from Metamorfoz to Enrich Its VAS Consolidation Platform


Istanbul, February 12, 2024 - Telenity and Metamorfoz officially announce their global partnership agreement. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Telenity’s history in which Telenity added another vertical to its VCP (VAS Consolidation Platform ) product family. This partnership is set to enable mobile operators utilize Metamorfoz products (Device and SIM Over-The-Air Management platform) in their network as part of their digital VAS transformation journey with Telenity's versatile VCP (VAS Consolidation Platform). 

Pioneering Projects: Zain Kuwait VCP and STC VCP 

A testament to this collaboration's potential is the successful implementation of the Zain Kuwait VCP project, a pioneering endeavor resulting directly from this partnership. This project, deployed on a private cloud using plain VMs, showcased the seamless integration and enhanced capabilities brought about by this alliance. Following this success, the STC KSA project further cemented the partnership's value, offering Metamorfoz products within the Telenity VCP product family. Notably, the STC deployment leveraged a VNF-based Telco Cloud environment, highlighting the partnership's technological adaptability and innovation. 

Enriched VCP Product Range 

The integration brings new dimensions to the VCP offering, notably enriching it with advanced SIM and Device Over-The-Air Management capabilities. These enhancements are set to offer unprecedented levels of versatility, efficiency, flexibility, and control to mobile operators, enabling them to better meet the evolving needs of their customers. 

Forward-Looking Cooperation 

This partnership is not just about current achievements but also about future possibilities. Telenity and Metamorfoz are committed to realizing numerous joint candidate projects in 2024 and beyond. This forward-looking approach is indicative of both companies' dedication to continuous innovation and their commitment to shaping the future of mobile telecommunications.

Dr. Alp Sardağ, Metamorfoz's esteemed Director of Research and Development, expressed great enthusiasm and optimism about the collaboration with Telenity. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in mobile telecommunications. By integrating our advanced products with Telenity's VCP product family, we're not just enhancing a product line; we're redefining the standards of functionality and versatility in the industry." Dr. Sardağ also highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration in facilitating a more tailored and robust service offering for mobile operators.  

"The synergy created through this partnership enables us to meet the diverse and evolving needs of mobile operators more effectively. We're excited about the future projects and are committed to leveraging our R&D expertise to ensure this collaboration yields cutting-edge solutions that benefit the entire telecommunications ecosystem." 

Kenan Esmer, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Telenity, shared his insights on the significance of the partnership with Metamorfoz. “This collaboration with Metamorfoz marks a pivotal moment in Telenity’s journey towards enriching VAS offering to our customers with fully integrated partner products,” Esmer stated. “Integrating Metamorfoz’s products into our VCP suite is not just about expanding our product range as new OAM partner; it's about integrating the products into VCP as if they were built as part of VCP, while providing all VCP capabilities to the integrated products.” Esmer emphasized the technological partnership, as well as strategic nature of the partnership, acknowledging that it perfectly aligns with Telenity's vision to provide more comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions to VCP solution to be offered to the telecom market. “We are particularly excited about how this synergy will enhance our capabilities in areas like SIM and Device Over-The-Air Management, offering our clients an edge in a highly competitive market. Looking ahead, we are confident that this partnership will not only foster growth for both Telenity and Metamorfoz but also contribute significantly to the technological advancement of the telecom VAS sector as a whole.” 

Shaping the Future of Mobile Telecommunications 

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Telenity and Metamorfoz represents more than just a business collaboration; it is a visionary fusion of expertise and innovation in the telecommunications solutions. This alliance is poised to deliver not only immediate benefits through project deliveries, but also to pave the way for future partnership in building full-fledged solutions to mobile operators. As Telenity and Metamorfoz look forward to a future filled with joint ventures and technological breakthroughs, they stand committed to driving progress and setting new benchmarks in the world of Value Added Services. 


February 26 – 29, 2024, Fira Gran Via, İstanbul Chamber of Commerce, Stand 5F61 in Hall 5, Barcelona, Spain


Telenity is an industry-leading provider of state-of-the-art services and solutions for communications service providers around the globe. We help our customers harness the power of their network with our NFV-enabled, 5G-ready VAS Consolidation Platform and Digital Services Platform, both of which comprise modular products and services that can be tailored to the needs and demands of the operators. Our Enkudo Business Line connects the digital service providers and the operators, creating new streams of revenue for both and enriching the digital experience of the subscribers. It provides unparalleled flexibility in terms of the business models it offers, including revenue sharing and managed services. Telenity has delivered its solutions and services globally to more than 40 service providers serving more than 1.5 billion mobile users. 


Metamorfoz ICT is a telecommunication and Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider for mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators. The company helps mobile service providers with solutions relating to customer insights and engagement, device and SIM/eSIM management, mobile security, and IoT service enablement. Metamorfoz currently operates in 11 countries, and has an international team based in Ireland. Throughout the last decade, Metamorfoz have expanded its portfolio of Over-The-Air (OTA) and GSM related solutions and services and have been heavily involved in creating SIM/eSIM applications, testing and validation of SIM/eSIM cards, eSIM profile generation, dynamic OTA modules including extended roaming functionalities as well as launching sophisticated over the air campaigns. Over the last years, a big focus has also been placed towards Mobile commerce (Mcommerce), mobile banking (Mbanking) and secure smart card applications as well as strategically place itself in the Near Field Communications (NFC) arena. 

For further details about the partnership and what it entails for the future of telecommunications, please contact: [email protected] 

This Press Release has been published on EIN PressWire.


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