Enkudo: A Young and Agile Master Aggregator in Digital Services


Today, we are excited to introduce Enkudo, our new brand for Telenity Digital Services Business Line. This is the beginning of a new chapter in our journey which has started a while ago, leading us to become a brand-new player in the digital services sphere.

Our first Direct Carrier Billing platform was deployed with a major mobile operator group in the Middle East region, servicing five countries from a single location. This project was followed by a brand-new account in North Africa, where we had our first direct encounter with Digital Service Providers. In the following years, the changes in the business environment, mainly driven by market demands and technology improvements, tailored us a whole new role as a Master Aggregator.

The OTT Digital Services sphere was brimming with opportunities for mobile operators, but most of them were not ready for this transition. They required a reliable partner to walk side by side with them through the path. This was the point where Telenity made the bold decision of initiating its Digital Services Business Line. As a textbook example of corporate entrepreneurship, we started as a small but agile team, pushing the whole organization outside the boundaries of its comfort zone.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we went live with mobile operators in Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Palestine and Tunisia, while at the same time growing our pool of premium content providers. We have built a strong and diverse pipeline of telco deployments, which will keep us busy for the months to come.

When it comes to Digital Services, quality trumps quantity. Our service catalog includes a rich variety of high quality, premium content from partners around the globe. We aim to build an ecosystem that targets all demographics with original and attractive digital services. Gaming, well-being, edutainment, streaming audio and video, sports, magazines are the main categories of content that we offer.

Delivering to the needs of the market is the main pillar of any successful business, and mobile operators are no exception. We work with local partners, to identify the proper product mix, localize user experience and increase the efficiency of business operations. Think of Enkudo not as another cloud- based service provider, but as a local provider delivering value to the operator, the service provider, and the consumer.

We are a young, agile, and growing team with an aspiration to become one of the major global players in Digital Service Aggregation. With decades of telecom experience under our belt and a rich network of content providers, we aim to grow fast to keep up with a market that is ready to explode.

Enkudo is the team that earns you kudos for spectacular results in digital services.

Become a partner and let us enjoy the ride together.

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