Telenity Enables M2M, Location Based Ads at MWC 2013


Rich Tehrani, CEO, Group Editor-in-Chief, TMC, Feb 28, 2013

The big news out of Monroe, CT-based Telenity at Mobile World Congress 2013 is the company’s new M2M and LBS solutions. On the M2M front, the company has announced m2mConnect which handles connectivity management of m2m devices. The idea here is to auto-provision, activate, monitor and diagnose M2M solutions in the lowest-cost way possible. As Dr. Gurol Akman, CTO and EVP of R&D explain, M2M customers are very low ARPU and you have to ensure you minimize your support cost.
m2mEnable, on the other hand, is a service that allows collaboration of market players such as those who provide sensors, devices, connectivity, transport of the information over the network and of course the applications which make use of the data.

M2M is a very rich technology applying to many markets but for now, Telenity is focusing on a few of them such as automotive, smart meters and healthcare.

In other show news, the company has a series of location-based announcements Canvas SmartLBA which handles advertisement targeting. The solution is complete with APIs as well as web portals for partners, subscribers, admins and customer care. Moreover, it includes support for various charging models and OSS enablers that integrate with network management systems. Finally, there is an innovative solution that tracks the locations and travel patterns of high-ARPU customers allowing a carrier to ensure its network coverage is in line with profit potential.

He also mentioned the company’s inclusion of subscriber consent management capabilities through its Canvas ConsentManager which as the name implies allows carriers to ensure compliance with privacy wishes and regulations.

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