How to Enrich Your Digital Service Offerings with Enkudo


Introducing: Daily and Weekly Subscription with Direct Carrier Billing

While monthly and annual subscriptions are the norm for digital services, offering daily and weekly subscription options has also its advantages, especially in challenging markets such as Africa, North Africa, and Middle East. In such geographies, where debit and credit card adoption is low, users can subscribe to daily and weekly digital services through direct carrier billing (DCB), also known as direct operator billing (DOB).

DCB is an online payment method for mobile subscribers all around the world. With DCB, a simple click is all it takes to complete a transaction at the checkout page. The purchased goods or services are then charged to the user’s monthly bill, as we have elaborated in our other blog post about DCB. In fact, according to Juniper Research, the end user spend on carrier billed content is projected to reach $89.9 billion, and its share in the total digital content spend is forecasted to be 22% in 2024.

Your Choice: Partial Charging or Down-selling

In addition to the wide variety of subscription options, we also provide partial charging and down-selling features. With partial charging, a user who just does not have the sufficient balance to subscribe to a service is still given the option to do so, and the unpaid amount is charged immediately and automatically when they top up their account. Likewise, down-selling is a viable option when the user tries to subscribe to an offer that exceeds their current credit. Let’s say you offer daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions for a service, and a user tries to subscribe to the monthly offer. If his/her balance is not sufficient for the monthly offer, he/she is directed to the weekly option, for which she has sufficient credit, for the sake of this example. This way, you do not forgo the opportunity to subscribe the user to the offer.

As a digital merchant, you can:

  • Partner with Enkudo to offer various subscription alternatives that will resonate with otherwise unreachable users,
  • Reach millions of new potential users,
  • Convert them into paying subscribers through direct carrier billing

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