Direct Carrier Billing: Operator Based Billing for Digital Merchants

İdil Ergun

What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), also referred to as Direct Operator Billing (DOB), is an electronic payment method that eases the online payment process for mobile subscribers all around the world. It is a popular billing option especially in developing countries, where the usage of a debit or a credit card is not widely adopted for the purchase of online subscriptions or services. It is available to anyone who has a mobile phone and a subscription to a mobile operator.

Benefits of Direct Carrier Billing

Compared to online banking services, mobile subscribers typically have more trust in their mobile operators due to the longer term engagement with them. Mobile operators have established a strong relationship with mobile users before the introduction of internet banking. And now, they can offer digital services through Direct Carrier Billing option, which enables them to compete with App Stores worldwide.

Throughout the years, many digital merchants and digital service providers have taken advantage of DCB to expand their global coverage. In fact, this charging method is being noticed by many new players in the field as well. One of the biggest benefits of DCB is that it creates new business opportunities for digital merchants in challenging markets outside of North America and Europe, where online banking is commonly used. For instance, mobile subscribers who are located in regions such as Africa, North Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia use DCB as their primary payment method.

To summarize, it is crucial for digital merchants to add DCB to their accepted payment methods in order to reach wider audiences and create new revenue streams.

An Effective User Experience

Direct Carrier Billing eliminates the hassle that comes with online banking, in which the user is required to enter personal details like their name, last name, credit card number, expiry date, CVC code and address into a checkout page. With DCB, the user completes a transaction with a simple click at the checkout page and the fee of the purchased good or service is charged to their monthly bill.

This payment method allows users to either make one-time purchases or subscribe to recurring subscription-based digital services such as games, audio and video streaming.

Additionally, it provides an extra security measure. Since users do not have to share any sensitive data during the buying journey, they become well protected against online fraud attacks.

Enkudo’s DCB Solution

Enkudo’s DCB solution is built on Telenity’s telco-grade Digital Services Platform (DSP). It offers a fast and secure payment alternative that is already integrated with major app stores and digital service providers. It provides easy onboarding, reconciliation process, automatic settlement and enhanced capping rules for digital merchants. As a master aggregator, Enkudo bundles the powerful capabilities of its DSP platform with various kinds of digital services and offers a seamless payment experience to mobile users worldwide.

Furthermore, Enkudo’s solution introduces different approaches for digital merchants to increase their revenues, as we have elaborated in our other blog post: How to Enrich your Digital Services Offerings with Enkudo.

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