Airtel’s TraceMate+ Service Uses Telenity’s CanVAS® SmartTrail Technology

March 5, 2015 Guvenc Kaplan

Airtel’s TraceMate+ Service Uses Telenity’s CanVAS® SmartTrail Technology

Barcelona, Spain – Mar 4, 2105 – Telenity (, a leading provider of innovative services and solutions for communications networks, today announced its CanVAS SmartTrail solution as the technology behind Bharti Airtel’s TraceMate+ enterprise resource tracking service. Airtel’s TraceMate+ solution enables tracking of employees and enterprise resources via regular cellphones, eliminating the requirement for purpose specific equipment of similar services.

By utilizing Airtel’s network and positioning technologies, CanVAS SmartTrail determines and tracks the location of the selected cellphones of the enterprises that have registered to the TraceMate+ service. Airtel TraceMate+ allows an administrative account to add, delete and modify the information about the cellphones that are to be traced. To protect the privacy of the employees’ personal lives, the solution enables selection of the days and hours for tracing and limits the location visibility to working hours only.

“Our aim is to provide a flexible, cost effective and easy to operate enterprise resource tracking technology to telecom operators,” said Ilhan Bagoren, CEO at Telenity. “Telenity’s CanVAS SmartTrail technology is the end product of years of development. With CanVAS SmartTrail technology, Airtel can enable  enterprises of  any size  to easily trace the  whereabouts of  their employees, without purchasing and installing new equipment. The TraceMate+ solution traces the location of the company cellphones that employees already carry around with them.”

The solution provides an interactive graphical user interface, which presents an instant snapshot of the current location of all employees through a heat map style window. The service administrator can zoom in and out of the map to get a more detailed view of teams and individuals. The historical location information of selected employee is drawn on the map showing the details of the routes he/she has taken with timestamp information.

“Telecom  Operators  around  the   globe have been providing enterprise   resource   tracking   solutions for a number of years now.  With  the  brand  new  features  and  the  attractive  user  interface  of TraceMate+,   Airtel   raises   the   bar   a   notch,”   said   the   Enterprise    Marketing    Team at Bharti Airtel. “Telenity  has  been  a  reliable  partner  of  Airtel  especially  in   Location   Based   Services   (LBS) space. We are glad to see the  investment  Telenity  makes  in  its  solutions  to  utilize  the  most  up‐to-­date technologies.”

Airtel’s TraceMate+ solution provides the following benefits to the enterprises:

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  • Live Tracking
  • User Hierarchy
  • Consent Manager
  • Time Spent Report
  • Map View of Employees
  • Location History
  • Distance Travel Report
  • Geo­‐fencing
  • Proximity Alarm
  • In­‐Out Alarm



Meet Telenity Executives at:

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