Modern and Robust Technology

Enkudo empowers businesses with smooth technical integration with no additional development work.

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Easy Integration

We provide a smooth integration with well-documented, easy-to-use web service based RESTful APIs, end-to-end testing support, coordination of all parties around a common deployment plan.

Flexible Deployment Options
(On-Premises, Private/Public Cloud)

We offer flexible deployment options aligned with the needs and requirements of mobile operators. So, you can instantly run your service with your own settings.

Telco-Grade Platform

We position our solutions on Telenity’s carrier-grade field proven Digital Services Platform™ (DSP), preferred by numerous mobile operators. With built in fault tolerance provided by the redundant architecture of our platform, your services run uninterrupted.

Deep Integration (Bundling, Vouchers, Landing Page, etc.)

Our deep expertise in telco networks brings forth perfect integration with telco backend systems. Leveraging our unique capabilities, we can bundle core telco services with value added digital services or offer vouchers for third party services.

7/24 Support and Maintenance

Enkudo gives global technical support around the clock with telco grade SLAs as a standard.

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