Legal & Governance

We provide full support for legal compliance and governance to
help your business scale.

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Customer Care Integration

We integrate our customer care portals with telco call centers for seamless experience. You can eliminate complaints on digital services sustainably.

Fraud Management

We embedded the best-in-class fraud detection and prevention mechanisms into our platform. Continuous real-time monitoring of traffic with exhaustive security filtering brings high customer satisfaction.

Landing Page Controls

We ensure compliance and good governance by controlling the landing pages. As the main gate to service subscriptions, landing pages are the primary target of fraud attempts. Enkudo provides secure and robust landing pages that display the offers, terms and conditions clearly, requiring user consent as per the local regulation.

Access and Traffic Controls

Telco networks have strict controls regarding connection with other parties and the amount of traffic they can forward. We deploy tight controls on access and load through a reliable API Management layer fronting all traffic from digital merchants.

Local Licensing

In most countries, the local regulations mandate for a license to provide value added digital services. On behalf of the digital merchants, we take care of the local presence requirement with our partner local network.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide a complete set of tools and solutions to meet the regulatory compliance on global terms with our vast experience. We undertake regulatory obligations of telecom companies and digital merchants from landing pages, price points, content guidelines, user consent to subscription flows.

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