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Business Growth

Enkudo helps you select the right digital content and offer it
appealingly to your target audiences.

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Rich Variety of Content

Access a wide range of content including games, mega promotions, streaming audio, subscription-based video-on-demand (sVoD), edutainment, wellbeing, and many others. Just select the category for content and let Enkudo bring the partners to go-to-market.

Premium Content

Quality matters as much as quantity. Get connected with Enkudo and attain exceptional digital content of category leaders. We partner with renowned digital merchants to deliver best-in-class content with high value.

Targeted Promotions

We help you target the right segment for your marketing campaigns. Narrowing down your audience improves conversion rates and Customer Lifetime Value while optimizing your marketing spending.

Localized Landing Pages

We develop localized landing pages in line with language, social preferences of each targeted market. As a result, conversion and acquisition rates grow with increased customer engagement.

Localized Store Front

Enkudo enables you present a one-stop-shop of your digital services for your customers.

Multi-Lingual Support

We improve both conversion and retention rates for you by enabling communication in the preferred language of targeted and existing users. Your sales increase with localized digital banners, ads and landing pages.


We effortlessly integrate digital merchant services into the service catalog of the mobile operators.


We enable you as an telco operator to manage and distribute digital vouchers to your subscriber base. Vouchers present an effective traceable mechanism to identify qualified leads and reward loyal customers or promote new services.

Integration with
Self-Care App

We open a new gateway for digital service subscriptions by integrating directly into your SelfCare App. Marketing and customer engagement are the strongest muscles of most mobile operators when compared with digital merchants.

Improved Customer Lifetime Value through Smart Charging and Nano Credit

In a subscription-based business model, retaining users are as critical as acquiring them. Smart Charging and Nano Credit features are instrumental in avoiding involuntary churn and increasing CLTV. Enkudo optimizes the chargeability rate of users for the digital services based on the analysis of historic data.

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