VAS Consolidation

Transform Your Network, Business Operations, End-User Services

With increasing number of 3G/4G/LTE deployments around the globe, Mobile operators strive to transform their existing messaging services (such as SMS, MMS and USSD) and legacy value added services (such as Mobile Collect Call, Missed Call Notification and Voice Mail) to run in an environment that will be cost effective, simpler to operate and future proof for migration to next generation network architectures.Telenity VAS Consolidation Solution is built on years of experience in architecting high-performance, carrier-grade open voice and messaging platform. Telenity VAS Consolidation Solution is designed with unlimited performance and scalability in mind which is designed to follow the guidelines of NFV Industry Specification Group (ISG) of ETSI.


Reduce CAPEX and OPEX Costs:

Mobile operators are looking to reduce costs of legacy Messaging and Value Added Services. Legacy services’ silo approach with dedicated systems for each service results in High Operational Costs due to multi-vendor legacy equipment, duplication of HW/SW resources and high recurring costs. Eventually, subscribers and commercial services shall be transitioned from legacy to new generations of networks with the purpose of improving efficiency and resource utilization dramatically, radically reducing CAPEX and OPEX without sacrificing service quality.


Mobile operators are looking to simplify operations which help operations teams to promptly define, provision, monitor and bill services in convergent, multi-channel environments from a single point of administration and well defined integration points. With consolidated services, provisioning, configuration, portals and integration points on a common platform allows service visibility, better governance and performance. It also becomes likely to provision multiple services and service bundles at once. Managing smaller quantity of platforms facilitate reducing workload of operations teams.

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Mobile operators have to get themselves ready to face with business demands of the future by investing in scalable and flexible next-gen network infrastructures. Operational efficiency and migration to Next Gen Networks (NGN), NFV/SDN Ready infrastructure are key drivers for consolidation. To expand into new business areas, operators need to provide services that transcend voice and data, embrace new markets and services, such as enterprise cloud, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Big Data, to create new opportunities for increasing revenue and transforming operators’ systems from internal-supporting systems to business-enabling systems.



Telenity VAS Consolidation Solution offers, easy operations, unified provisioning, simplified, effortless integration, configuration, deployment and maintenance, and flexible licensing for core messaging capabilities and value added services which results in OPEX and CAPEX savings. VAS Consolidation enables mobile operators to simplify their network structure and business operations, leading the way towards a smooth migration to all-IP mobile networks.

VAS Consolidation solution’s NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Ready architecture aims to reduce dependency on specific HW platforms by virtualizing network applications and functions. Also providing significant cost savings by lowering acquisition of cost of these network functions.
To complement above SDN (Software Defined Networks) Ready architecture aims to virtualize the control of the network of NFV Infrastructure by managing the orchestration and deployment of VNF functions in a virtual network. This provides greater agility to create, deploy and launch of new services with better use of existing assets and faster innovation.


  • Common Provisioning
  • Unified Operations and Administration
  • Simplified Integration
  • Flexible Licensing
  • NFV/SDN Ready Architecture


  • Optimum Usage Of Resources
  • Decrease OPEX and CAPEX costs
  • Reduced Hardware Footprint
  • Optimize Daily Operations
  • Reduced Number Integration Points


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