Telenity Campaign Manager

In a world overflowing with practically infinite digital services and content, it is vital to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Telenity DSP’s campaign management module builds up a smart bridge between the customers and the digital offers to fulfil a successful sale. Its easy-to-use, wizard-based campaign flow is perpetually fed with customer and service data accumulated on Telenity DSP servers, generating a successful and continuous revenue flow from the digital services.


  • Campaign manager is more than a simple promotion engine. It is a comprehensive flow that includes all the necessary elements from defining target groups to fulfilment of subscriptions and sales
  • Built-in recommendation engine and analytics capabilities
  • Creation of appealing offers, with or without discounts, free trials and limited-time bargains
  • Reach your customers from diverse channels, including SMS, MMS, RCS, USSD, IVR, app notifications and web notifications
  • Easy opt-out capabilities and do-not-disturb features to comply with regulations
  • Promotion of any digital service, content or bundle to specific target groups
  • Detailed reporting to measure the performance of campaigns

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