Telenity Bandwidth and Content Manager

Telenity Bandwidth & Content Manager is one of the world’s first network resource management and slicing solutions. It provides application aware Quality of Service(QoS) management, generates network slicing models, maintains the application- and subscriber-based SLAs and manages the specific content of edge applications.


With both existing LTE/LTE Advanced functionalities and the upcoming capabilities of 5G, the communications service provider (CSP) network is envisioned to be a multi-service network supporting a wide range of verticals with a diverse set of performance and service requirements. To make that vision a reality, network operators will have to be able to orchestrate certain capabilities of their whole network node by node. Although the whole network became fully IP based from the beginning of the LTE technology, those IP capabilities will not be sufficient once the network covers all edges, including fog and cloud based environments. In such cases, a dynamic solution is needed to fully understand the behavior of the network elements and take actions accordingly. Network slicing, which capitalizes on the capabilities of software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), orchestration, and analytics, is such a solution. Telenity Bandwidth and Content Manager is the answer for all these critical problems and it is one of the world’s first dynamic network slicing solutions that can communicate and manage both edge and core elements of the CSP network.

Telenity’s innovative  BCM, a platform that is both subscriber and application aware, introduces 4G LTE and 5G networks with dynamic slicing and Quality of Service management capabilities. The features and functions of Telenity BCM and its ability to on-demand creation of Dynamic Network Slices are also compatible to work with edge and fog computing environments.

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