Service Enablement

Provide telecom enablers for ecosystem integration and efficient partner management

The CanVAS® brand covers multiple solutions with key components that are optimal for future growth in the evolving next generation networks. Each CanVAS® product offers not only a point solution, but also re-usable building blocks that seamlessly integrate with other CanVAS® products as well as with Telenity partner solutions.

CanVAS® CSP™, Converged Services Platform provides re-usable components of the Service Delivery Platform (SDP) ecosystem. It enables rapid service creation, execution, delivery and management of a large number of composite services (both real-time and non real-time). It provides a single integration point into network operators’ OSS/BSS systems for wire line, wireless and next generation networks.

The loosely-coupled (SOA-compliant) architecture of CanVAS® CSP™ allows its components to easily integrate with third-party components and OSS/BSS systems across open standards, cutting down significantly in deployment time, overall cost and time-to-market of new services.



ARPU from voice services is leveling off and Value Added Services are driving the revenue growth in telecom. Network operators and service providers need to maintain continual innovation in service domain, develop and launch a massive number of new services rapidly and inexpensively to increase revenues and profits.

Converged Services Platforms help address this need for wireline, wireless, IP and converged networks. The right platform solution must be open, secure, highly scalable, highly available and future-proof. The solution also has to offer easy integration, seamless availability of legacy and new services with carrier-grade performance at an affordable price.

End users spend most of their time (%33 of total) on the phone by browsing the internet and checking their social network accounts. This is a very good indicator that operators should focus more on social networks and provide easy ways to access to them.


After browsing the internet and social networks, end users spend most of their time playing games, listening to music, watching videos and TV and reading books (%38 of total). This indicates that operators should focus on providing easy access to digital entertainment.

Making calls, text messaging and checking emails take %26 of the total time spent on the phone. This implies that, operators can focus on data and provide call and text messaging services over data.



Service Enablement solution allows CSPs to:

• Abstract networks
• Expose telco enablers to Internet
• Reuse web APIs
• Support different business models
• Simplify service creation
• Execute mashed-up services

Service Enablement solution enables convergence between Web 2.0 and Telco 2.0 to create innovative, appealing, and user-centric services and applications.


  • Open, secure, highly scalable, highly available, and future proof platform to develop and launch massive number of new services rapidly and inexpensively to increase revenues and profits
  • Expose capabilities and assets
  • Launch self-service applications
  • Bundle core products with VAS services & digital contents
  • Manage 3rd party partners


  • Deliver and manage services easily with the standardized and unified administration and business processes.
  • Let everyone create rapidly with help of standard Web Service interfaces and intuitive GUI based service creation environment.
  • Benefit from new Telco 2.0 business models with two-sided B2B/B2C/B2B2C transactions facilitating smart collaboration between upstream and downstream players in the ecosystem.
  • Ensure a safe technology evolution path by removing network dependency of services.
  • Start generating revenues from day-one with a rich set of built-in, pre-packaged services such as collect call, intelligent call management, missed called alert, voicemail, mobile advertisement management and location-based people finder services that run on the open standards based CanVAS® CSP™ platform.
  • Implement pay-as-you-grow business model with Telenity’s 3-phase SDP deployment approach.
  • Integrate once using open standards with one-time and standard integration to make resources shareable and accessible by all parties within the predefined SLA.
  • Introduce multiple third parties to deliver content services by using intuitive provisioning, administration and reporting services.


  • Canvas CSP Case Study