CSS Engineer

The Position

We are seeking an outstanding full-time CSS Engineer to work in our Istanbul/Türkiye office to provide all kind of support and maintenance of Telenity products and services running customer premises worldwide.

Your duties will include handling support tickets created by customers over Jira ticketing tool, implementing the necessary solutions, taking actions within the framework of the SLA periods agreed within the scope of the support-maintenance contracts accepted with the customer, planning and performing all kinds of patch/release deployments on customer test/production environment in planned maintenance activities with following proper documentation formats.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Act as Tier-2 Support for customers (Mobile Operators) mainly in EMEA and Far East.
  • Create and maintain excellent level of customer relationships.
  • Maintain high level of customer satisfaction by honoring the S&M contracts and subject SLAs. 
  • Address and analyze customer concerns/issues.
  • Isolate and solve the problems of the products/solution in cooperation with customer, internal Development and IT teams.
  • Close follow-ups on the actions waiting from internal teams and update customer frequently with the status.
  • Plan, perform and orchestrate maintenance activities as well as acceptance tests in case of need.
  • Following support process flows, prepare necessarily documents such as MOP, RCA when needed.


Knowledge in Telecommunications and experience in related tools in order to provide qualified troubleshooting and problem solving.

  • Telecommunications Fundamentals – Having knowledge and experience in telecommunications, especially in Messaging Flows, Value Added Services (VAS), Web Services. (Messaging, Voice Services, CRM, Previsioning, Billing & Charging, Settlement)
  • Linux Operating systems – Having hands-on experience on Linux, writing scripts (bash script) in line with various needs, and using these scripts in daily / periodic maintenance, application support for java-based applications, Apache/Tomcat webservers running on Linux.
  • Debugging tools – Ability to use various debugging tools while resolving issues and understanding how to use these tools in various applications. (Wireshark, SOAP UI, Smpp Simulator, Database Editors, Jmeter, Postman e.g.)
  • Databases – Having a medium level of troubleshooting skills on Mysql, Oracle. Knowledge in databases such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis is plus.
  • Signaling – Experience in various signaling platform such as SS7, SIP messaging, MAP/SS7, IMS VoLTE

Soft Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.
  • Open-minded, proactive as opposed to reactive, self-motivation and ownership.
  • Willing to self-improvement and continuous learning.
  • Excellent organization, coordination and strong sense of responsibility.
  • Ability to work in teams, as well as independently are required.
  • Strong attention to details.
  • Highly effective time management skills.
  • Able to work well under pressure and under stressful situations.
  • Ability to learn and support new technologies and applications.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills both in Turkish and English.
  • Strong knowledge of the customer support flows, troubleshooting skills, techniques, and tools.

Education & Experience

  • BSc degree (preferably) from computer science, electrical / electronic engineering departments of universities
  • Having at least 2 years of work experience in telecommunications/applications support engineer position.

Work Conditions

  • Not having any obstacle to short-term travel abroad

You can share your CV including the job title you are interested in to [email protected]