canvas® Virtual Network Functions

Network Function Virtualization Applications

Mobile operators have to get themselves ready to face the business demands of the future by investing in scalable and flexible next-gen network infrastructures. Operational efficiency and migration to Next-Gen Networks (NGN) are key drivers for consolidation. Eventually, service plane will be migrating to 4G and 5G and running on NFV/SDN infrastructure.

To expand into new business areas, operators need to provide services that transcend voice and data, embrace new markets and services, such as enterprise cloud, Internet-of- Things (IoT), Big Data and Business Intelligence to create new opportunities for increasing revenue and transforming carriers’ IT systems from internal-supporting systems to business-enabling systems.

Recent advances in hardware, virtualization, and cloud technologies and new networks models such as NFV/SDN created ample opportunities for consolidation of multiple products/services on a single platform.

NFV uses traditional IT virtualization techniques on commodity hardware (compute, storage, and networking) to consolidate network applications onto industry high-volume servers and storage and hence allows the industry to gain from both the cost and innovation dynamics of traditional IT.

Telenity canvas Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) enables a bottom-up transformation of mobile operator services, building on top of a virtualized hardware infrastructure that utilizes common off-the- shelf (COTS) components, and shared industry-standard media and signaling servers, eliminating dependencies on specialized network appliances. Canvas platform delivers a flexible and cost- effective environment that is based on NFV ready design approach.

The benefits of fully virtualized Canvas NFV applications can be summarized as:

  • Faster time to market
  • On demand scalability/descalability
  • Improved OPEX and CAPEX
  • Simplified integration and optimized daily operations
  • Configuration driven integration of operation and maintenance functions

To help communication service providers in their digital transformation, Telenity’s overarching goal is to become the preferred partner and NFV applications supplier of innovative Messaging/VAS Consolidation, Location, API Management, and Digital Service Enrichment solutions for wireless and wireline communication service providers. With Telenity’s market-proven software products, operators significantly improve the operational efficiency of their service offerings and seamlessly migrate them to Virtual Network Functions.