Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

October 11, 2018 Sinem Esin

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

Telenity participated in Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas 2018 in Los Angeles – the second year of the prestigious event in the USA. Although MWC Americas has a long way ahead to be on par with MWC Barcelona, it was very promising and informative on the key aspects of today’s telco trends, such as network slicing, NFV, SDN, edge computing, IoT, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

As a global provider of state-of-the-art services and solutions, Telenity presented its 5G readiness program for its entire product and solution portfolio in Los Angeles. On the road to 5G, Telenity has been focusing on edge computing, network functions virtualization, digital transformation including rich communication services with messaging as a platform (MaaP), and location based analytics.

– Edge computing: As a member of the Industry Standardization Group of ETSI MEC, Telenity works on location based services and API management product lines, providing software products ever-ready to work on top of any edge computing platform based on standard APIs.

– NFV: Being a proud member of an end-to-end 5G project supported and funded by the Turkish government, Telenity has been implenting the MANO and NFVI layers based on the latest industry standards. Today, Telenity’s entire product line, including Service Consolidation, Location Based Services, API Management, and Service Delivery Platform are NFV enabled and ready to work as VNFs on any NFV enabled platform.

– RCS: As the expectations of end users keep growing, the legacy world of messaging evolves to deliver a superior quality of user experience. Today, at the heart of this progress lies the Rich Communcation Suite – the next evolutionary step for messaging and voice services. With its UP2.0-ready Canvas® Rich Communication Suite, Telenity offers its customers all the fascinating capabilities of the RCS World, including Messaging as a Platform capabilities.

– Location Analytics: In the world of 5G, everything is expected to be offered as a service (XaaS), which will be a significant revenue stream for CSPs in the future. One of those revenue streams is and will be location-as-a-service. Thanks to our location based service development experience exceeding 15 years, today we serve more than 200 million subscribers worldwide with our location platforms. And as of now, Telenity is tranforming its location services into smart and 5G enabled platforms with rich sets of AI and ML capabilities.