Digital Services Enrichment

Address The Expectations Of The Emerging Digital Services Ecosystem.

With the wide spreading deployments of 4G, 5G, LTE and IMS networks worldwide, the data bandwidth will soon become abundant. In this new world, innovative new ways of communication will emerge and the existing service applications will either be transformed through digital enrichment or will be replaces by disruptive new entrants into the marketplace.

With the increasing use of mobile data and internet globally, organizations utilize digital services increasingly to engage with their customers as part of their digital transformation strategy. Digital services introduce a whole new business approach, where the customers and businesses engage through multiple touch points and devices for an interrupted omni-channel customer journey.

As the mobile infrastructure evolves towards 4G and 5G networks, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Web Real-time Communication (WebRTC) applications will inevitably replace legacy messaging methods (such as SMS, MMS and USSD). Mobile operators will be forced to offer data enriched digital services, and the enablers for them, to meet the expectations of their individual and corporate customers.

By delivering on demand Quality of Service (QoS) and guaranteed data bandwidth, mobile operators can cater to the needs of the players of the new digital services ecosystem. For example, a subscriber of the digital video streaming channel will ask for the flexibility to be able to watch a movie in 4K resolution for 2 hours for a premium fee.

Through mobile payment methods that can be utilized by third party developers, these OTT players will be able to utilize the commercial trust relationship that mobile operators have already established with their customer base. The service that is commonly known as Operator Based Billing or Direct Carrier Billing, enables mobile operators to act as an application store for all third parties regardless of the handset brand or operating system. Since the subscriber are already in a financial engagement with the mobile operator, a credit card is not required for payments, which is a significant advantage for unbanked/underbanked population and age-groups.

Telenity offers Canvas® Smart Bearer™, Canvas® Direct Carrier Billing™ and Canvas® WebRTC™ solutions to address the needs and requirements of the emerging Digital Services ecosystem.