Corporate Overview

Innovation all around the globe

Telenity is an industry-leading provider of cutting edge solutions for communications service providers (CSPs) around the globe. As an established and reliable technology player in the telco ecosystem, we help our customers harness the true power of their network by streamlining their operations, reducing their OpEx, and generating new streams of revenue.

Our Business and Technology

We  provide  a  suite  of  market-ready  products,  including  VAS Consolidation Platform (VCP), Digital Services Platform (DSP), and Location  Based  Solutions. Telenity  VAS Consolidation  Platform,  which  has  been  honored  as  one  of  the  best  innovative  solutions  in  Global  Telecom  Awards  in  2017,  helps  operators  improve  the  operational  efficiency  of  their legacy  services  and  paves  the  way  for  migration to all-IP core networks, resulting in significant operational cost reductions. Telenity Digital Services Platform opens up the relatively new but huge digital content playground to the operators, helping them  claim  their  rightful  share  along  with  the  OTT  players.  Besides equipping the operator with powerful tools such as mobile charging, campaign management and consent  management  modules,  the  platform  provides  innovative  nano-crediting  and  downselling  functionalities  that  further  boost  conversion  rates.  Last  but  not  least,  our  Location  Based Solutions,   which encompass  the  whole  spectrum  of  modern  geolocation  and  analytics  capabilities,  including  both active and passive geolocation query mechanisms, allow operators to generate Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) revenue. Thanks to our LaaS development experience exceeding 15 years, today we serve more than 600 million subscribers worldwide with our location platforms.

As  a  global  provider  of  state-of-the-art  services  and  solutions,  Telenity  has  initiated  a  5G  readiness  program  for  its  entire  portfolio.  On  the  road  to  5G,  we  focus  on  edge  computing  elements such  as  ETSI  MEC,  network  function  virtualization  (NFV),  and  transformation  of  legacy  messaging  to  Universal  Profile  2.0  based  Rich  Communications  Suite  (RCS).  Telenity takes  active  participation  in  industry  standards  associations  to  ensure  that  our  clients  are  equipped with products and services that fully comply with the latest global standards of the mobile  industry.  As  a  participating  member  of  ETSI  Multi-Access  Edge  Computing  (MEC)  Standardization Group, Telenity’s product line is ready to work on top of any edge computing platform  based  on  standard  APIs.  Telenity also follows  the  standards  related  to  ETSI  NFV  specifications.  Today,  all Telenity  products  are  NFV  enabled  to  work  as  Canvas® Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).   Furthermore, we are a proud member of an end-to-end 5G project supported and funded by the Turkish government, in which we are implementing the MANO and NFVI layers.

Our mission is to put our customers at the heart of the telecom evolution of the 21st centuryand serve as full partners in their success,  with solutions tailored according to their needs,  with their priorities in mind.

Telenity’s market ready software products enable the world’s leading telecom service providers to personalize their mobile services, unleash the power of their network assets and monetize their network capabilities to full extent. Discover more about our company, its history and vision.

Our Operations

Communication enriches lives and brings people closer. With our integrated and geographically distributed operations, we are committed to providing operational efficiency at your door. Everyday, Telenity employees work around the clock in four different locations to deliver you new products and solutions that will make your business successful and grow. Our offices are located in:

  • Monroe, Connecticut, USA
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • New Delhi, India
  • Dubai, UAE

To ensure quality of the end-to-end delivery of our products and services, we continue to invest in the best people and best practices of the industry that support an open, collaborative and fun environment.

Our staff is our biggest strength. We thank them for their creativity, dedication, commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Our Global Customer Base

Our global customer base includes network operators, service providers and application providers. We serve our customers in five different continents. They control some of the biggest wireless networks in Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas.

Telenity’s products and solutions empower more than 40 network operators in over 30 countries, serving over 1 billion subscribers. We value our long lasting relationships with them and thank them for their confidence in us. You can check our references on this link.

Our Unique Position

Our unique position in the industry stems from our deep knowledge and expertise in location and value added services infrastructure and applications. Our delivery skills on the global scale in providing fully integrated modular products speak for themselves.

Our products and expertise have been recognized in the industry through several prestigious awards. We actively contribute to several open standards and speak at industry conferences to provide thought leadership. We also contribute to OMA, JCP, 3GPP, ETSI, GSM standards. We see our experienced and innovative staff who made this success story possible as our biggest asset.

Our Commitment

As a leading provider of digital service applications and platforms, we invest heavily in R&D to build the products tailored to your needs. We are committed to supporting industry forums and open standards. Our products adopt and comply with leading and evolving industry standards.