Canvas® VideoMail™

Videomail Application

Canvas® Videomail™ solution is a next generation fully virtualized NFV ready call completion and messaging platform that supports storage and delivery of videomail messages with a rich set of features. Canvas Voicemail provides user friendly, efficient way of messaging for subscribers. The service allows subscribers to retrieve video message types using multiple interfaces.

Canvas Videomail service provides the ability for users to receive and send video messages to other users. The service allows all video calls to be completed even if the called party is not available, out of coverage, busy or unconditionally forwarded the incoming calls. Callers can enjoy the flexibility of leaving a visual message and subscribers will have the comfort of knowing that they will never miss a video call.

The visual experience is changing the communication of users. Canvas Videomail enables service providers to deploy rich call completion solutions that deliver carrier-class reliability and seamless integration with existing network infrastructures. With canvas Videomail and Telenity’s consolidated VAS solutions, service providers can provide revenue-generating multi-access, rich call completion and messaging services to mobile subscribers that match the ease-of-use, reliability and cost of traditional mobile telephony and data services.

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