Canvas® USSI Gateway™

USSD over IMS Gateway

Canvas® USSD over IMS Gateway (USSI GW) is a USSD over IMS gateway for service providers, MVNO’s and wireless operators to offer USSD-based applications and services seamlessly to both GSM (2G/2G) and LTE (4G) subscribers.

Subscribers may demand the speed and interactivity characteristics of USSD communication to manage their legacy services, as well as new generation LTE services, even when they are attached to an LTE network. CSFB method, which is used for this purpose, is neither an efficient nor preferred method, since it may cause discomfort to subscribers due to latency, fall to suboptimal (2G/3G) data throughput levels, etc. Canvas USSI Gateway eliminates all Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) problems resulting from the lack of USSD support in LTE networks, and provides seamless service continuity.

Canvas USSI Gateway enables subscribers to access USSD services such as balance enquiry, service configurations, etc., directly from the attached LTE/IMS network and provides similar user experience for USSD based services in 2G/3G networks.

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