Canvas® SMSC™

Short Message Service Center

Canvas® SMSC™ allows operators to maximize their SMS revenues and profitability from the most popular messaging application to date. It offers a smooth evolution to multimedia messaging to deliver an enhanced user experience and an exciting new generation of services that are informative, fun and entertaining.

Canvas® SMSC™ is a high performance system processing thousands of messages per second today. It is the ideal choice for mobile operators that want to maximize the return from their investment and increase their market leadership in premium services. Canvas® SMSC™ is designed with unlimited performance and scalability in mind and can be bundled with ready-to-deploy push-pull services such as ring tones and logo downloads.

Canvas® SMSC™ offers differentiating SmartSMS features designed to increase SMS traffic and revenue with the following features:

  • SMS Forward
  • Black and White Lists
  • Out of Office SMS
  • Spam Filtering, Anti-Flooding, and Anti-Spoofing
  • Bulk SMS

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