Canvas® SmartAlert™

Missed Call Notification Application

Many subscribers do not have access to voice mail services. As a result, when they are out of reach, they do not have any means of knowing if they have missed any calls. Telenity’s missed call notification application, Canvas® SmartAlert™, solves this problem.

Canvas® SmartAlert™ uses configurable SMS alerts to notify subscribers of missed calls and enables them to return those calls with the touch of a button. It also provides a screening mechanism for subscribers to better manage their incoming calls and voice mails. Canvas® SmartAlert™ uses customized notifications to notify the caller when the called party is available again.

Canvas® SmartAlert™ not only increases the airtime usage, but also boosts premium SMS revenues for the network operator. It captures the caller ID, time of call, and the number of call attempts from each caller while a subscriber is unreachable. When individual subscribers are available again, Canvas® SmartAlert™ sends this information to their mobile phones via SMS. Subscribers can easily see who tried to reach them and can call back at their leisure, improving the overall user experience and customer loyalty. Canvas® SmartAlert™ is a proven service that is a guaranteed revenue source for the network operators through subscription fees, increased airtime and premium SMS usage.

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