Canvas® SmartTrail™

Family and Workforce Tracking Service

Canvas® SmartTrail™, Enterprise Resource Tracking Service, is an innovative real-time context driven enterprise service that takes mobility and location awareness to a new level. It enables enterprises and small businesses to locate, monitor and manage their employees, resources and vehicles in a secure way using a simple Web browser. It creates new revenue sources for the network operators without compromising user privacy and network security. It is a location-based resource tracking application for GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1XRTT networks. It allows small business owners and enterprises to locate their employees that use the same mobile network.

With enhanced mapping functionalities, Canvas® SmartTrail™ offers managers the ability to get the current and past locations of all resources, as well as, to animate the past locations. It supports geo-coding, reverse geo-coding, routing information and displaying of point-of-interests (PoIs). It features advanced map-views from multiple vendors including satellite imagery. Canvas® SmartTrail™ also boasts other powerful features such as route definition, distance calculation, point and area creation, advanced alerts via SMS and/or email, workflows and task management.

This device independent standalone application generates revenue from day one as businesses subscribe to track their resources every day. The application is designed from ground-up to support millions of real-time location tracking requests.

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