Canvas® Safe & Secure™

Public Safety and Security ApplicationPublic Safety and Security Application

Canvas® Safe & Secure service takes mobility and location awareness to a new level. It enables mobile subscribers to receive location information about any public safety or natural disaster cases. Canvas Safe & Secure introduces location based security to CSP customers to protect them any natural/unnatural events. Canvas Safe & Secure integrates Canvas Location Middleware and Canvas Location Analytics Platform. The marriage of Canvas Safe & Secure with those core elements turns the location information into a very important SMS and covers a wide range of scenarios including:

Real time location based messaging:

  • To everyone that in the specific zone (staying inside, leaving the zone, entering the zone)
  • To a group people that in the specific zone (staying inside, leaving the zone, entering the zone)

Based on intelligent analytics:

  • To a group of people that are normally in the zone in given time
  • To a group of people that visit this zone very often.

Canvas Safe & Secure can also provide the list of the people in a specific zone not only for sending SMS but also for security reasons. It can also provide the behavioral analysis based on Canvas LAP capabilities. Since it is also capable of understanding in case the subscriber enters/ leaves the specific zone, it can also allow to provide event related messaging like in case a landslide on the road, it can provide the necessary info for alternative routes by SMS.

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